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Megan Gambs




Fall 2005−                   B.S. in Geology, with a minor of History of Art and Architecture,
present                         University of California, Santa Barbara
(expected graduation June 2009)

Fall 2007−                   University of Edinburgh, Scotland
Spring 2008                 (through University of            California Education Abroad Program)

Fall 2001−                   Los Alamitos High School, Los Alamitos, California
Spring 2005                


September 2008          Field Assistant in northern Sierra Nevada, California
to PhD candidate Jeanette C. Hagan and Alice A. Koerner
                                                -identified and mapped volcanic stratigraphy
                                    -collected rock samples to be used for microscopic and
 geochemical analysis
-used GPS to mark sample localities and rock boundaries

March 2007−               Lab Assistant to Professor James Kennett 
July 2007                     Laboratory of Paleoceanography and Microbiology
University of California, Santa Barbara Earth Science Department
                                                -specieated foraminifera specimens
                                                -sifted and ‘cleaned’ core samples
                                                -catalogued samples using Excel

Summer 2006              Lifeguard, guest service attendant and cabana hostess
Knott’s Soak City U.S.A, Buena Park, California
            -safely dispatched riders on waterslides
            -guarded pools, including wave pool
            -provided waitressing services for cabana patrons
            -trained in guest relations

Summers 2005/6         Attraction ticket seller, Orange County Fair, Department of Ticket Sales, Costa Mesa, California
                                                -executed frequent monetary transactions
                                                -responsibility for hundreds of dollars

2002−2004                  Counselor in Training, Campfire U.S.A. two-year Counselor in Training program (volunteer)
                                                -learned aspects of conflict mediation and communication
 with children
                                                -worked with campers ages 11−13 years

Summer 2004              Counselor, American Cancer Society and Campfire U.S.A., Camp Summersault (volunteer)
                                                -worked with children age 4−5 years
                                                -lead activities to provide entertainment to campers, including: singing, sports, cooking over a campfire
and craft projects


Summer 2008              Field Assistant in northern Sierra Nevada, California to Jeanette C.
Hagan and Alice A. Koerner, 3 weeks

Summer 2008              UCSB Summer Field Course in Poleta, California and White Pine
County, Nevada (under instruction of Prof. A.G. Sylvester and
Prof. P.G. Gans), 6 weeks

Spring 2008                 Isle of Mull, Scotland, University of Edinburgh (under instruction
of Prof. Godfrey Fitton and Dr. Thorvaldur Thordarson), one week

Winter 2008                Sobras Basin, southeast Spain, University of Edinburgh
(under instruction of Drs. John E Dixon, Simone Kasemann and Rachel Wood, and Profs. Cathy Busby, Godfrey Fitton), one week

Fall 2007                     Siccar Point and Pease’s Bay, Scotland, University of Edinburgh (under instruction of Mikael Attal, PhD), two days

Fall 2007                     Isle of Arran, Scotland, University of Edinburgh (under instruction of Prof. R.S. Haszeldine), one week


Spring 2008                 UCSB Earth Science Department Field Awards

Winter 2008                Jeanie Anderson Memorial Grant

Fall 2007                     Alan Buch Memorial Grant

Spring 2006                 Viewer’s Choice Award, San Nicolas Residence Hall
Art Show

Winter 2006                UCSB Dean’s Honors

Spring 2005                 Los Alamitos High School’s Parent, Teacher, and Student
Association (PTSA) Scholarship

Spring 2005                 Los Alamitos High School Senior Scholarship

Spring 2005                 Winner of Los Alamitos High School Art History Tee Shirt Design

2003, 2004, 2005        Who’s Who in American High Schools


Gambs, Megan F. “Biking on Campus Proves to be Perilous.” Daily Nexus 13 Feb. 2007


2006−present              UCSB Muckers, undergraduate geology organization

2005−present              Trained UCSB Safer Sex Peer

1998−present              Volunteer, Fairview Developmental Center

2007−2008                  University of Edinburgh Geology Society (GeoSoc)

2007−2008                  Member of ‘Team Consolation Prize,’ University of Edinburgh’s
King’s Buildings Weekly Pub Quiz

Winter 2007                Participant, UCSB Economics Department’s Educational
Incentives Study

Winter 2006−              UCSB intramural sports (basketball and soccer)
Spring 2007                


2006                            Lifeguard

2002, 2006                  CPR, First Aid



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