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Jeanette Hagan (working on Ph.D. with Cathy)


General Research Interests



Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae


2002 B.S. California Institute of Technology
2009 Expected PhD, UC Santa Barbara

2006 EDMAP geological mapping project, Sonora Pass, Sierra Nevada: see below
2006 Teaching Assistant, UCSB summer field course (3 weeks)
2005 EDMAP geological mapping project, Carson Pass, Sierra Nevada: Geologic mapping of Tertiary
arc-related volcanics and range-front faulting, coupled with Ar/Ar dating of volcanism and geochemical
2005 Teaching Assistant, UCSB summer field course, White-Inyo mountains and Long Valley – Mono
Basin, California (3 weeks)
2004 Field Assistant, MIT, Pediments of the Henry Mountains: geomorphology and cosmogenic dating.
2002 Field Assistant, UCLA,: San Felipe fault, Baja California, Mexico: geologic mapping project.
2002 Caltech: Geology and Geomorphology of Hawaii (1 week)
2002 Caltech Advanced Field and Structural Geology course, Lake Isabella, California, (2 weeks)
2001 Caltech Advanced Field and Structural Geology course, Shoshone Volcanics, E. California (2
2001 Caltech Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship: Mapping Turkish Fault Scarps; Field work
studying the morphology of limestone fault scarps due to extensional normal faulting in Turkey.
2001 Caltech Field and Structural Geology course, Deep Springs Valley, California (2 weeks)
2001 Caltech Applied Geophysics Field Course, Mono Basin, California (1 week)
2000 Caltech Geology and Cultural Field Trip to South Africa: Field trip with professors and fellow
students to study the geologic history of southern Africa.

2006 Delegate, Beijing Youth Science Conference: Member of North Carolina Delegation, sponsored
by the Beijing Association for Science and Technology
2005-2006 Graduate Student Assembly: Representative from the Earth Science Department
2004-2006 Teaching Assistant: UCSB; Geologic Catastrophes, Plate Tectonics, Introductory Geology,
Statistics and Data Analysis, Volcanology
2002 North Carolina Public School Forum trip to South Korea: Delegate to learn about the math and
science education system in Korea, for possible use in the North Carolina school system.
2002 Research Assistant: Caltech and USGS, for Brian Wernicke: Assistant for a GPS campaign along
US highway 50, to measure displacement of sites occupied 5 and 10 years prior for use in studying Basin
and Range extension.
2001 Teaching Assistant: Caltech; Two introductory geology classes.

Busby, C.J., DeOreo, S.B., Skilling, I., Hagan, J.C., and Gans, P.B., in revision, Carson Pass-
Kirkwood paleocanyon system: Implications for the Tertiary evolution of the Sierra Nevada, California:
GSA Bulletin.
Busby, C.J., Hagan, J.C., Putirka, K., Pluhar, C.J., Gans, P.B., Rood, D.H., DeOreo, S., Skilling,
I., and Wagner, D.L., in review, The ancestral Cascades arc, central Sierra Nevada, California: Implications
for development of the Sierran microplate and tectonic significance of high K2O volcanism: GSA Special

Harry Glicken Award, 2006
Coast Geological Society John J. Woolley Student Scholarship
GSA Graduate Student Research Grant, 2006
Honorable Mention, National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship
Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships 1999, 2000, 2001

Extensive field experience; knowledge of GPS systems and survey stations; familiar with resistivity
experiments, ground penetrating radar, seismic reflection and refraction, and use of gravimeters and
Software: Microsoft Office Suite, Mathematica, Illustrator, Photoshop, and GIS systems including ArcGIS
and ER Mapper



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