GEOL 235 Syllabus



Geo 157 Lectures:


Attend all the Geology 157 lectures [except April 28 (157 midterm )] and participate in lecture-time activities. Please inform Atwater in advance if you need to miss.

Personal Journal:

Keep a running written journal in which you summarize and clarify the lecture material for yourself and write down questions for the evening discussions. This works best if you do it immediately following each lecture. (Journals subject to occasional, capricious inspection by Atwater.)

Geo 157 Lab:

Drop in as needed in order to complete (to your satisfaction) the double-starred lab exercises and be ready to present them in our evening seminar. These are likely to show up in your oral exams, so don't shirk.

Evening Seminars: (W 6-9 PM or other time by group consensus):

Each evening seminar meeting will be divided into two halves. During the first half we will discuss and explore the materials recently covered in Geo 157 lecture and lab. During the second half we will further explore topics of interest to the group, reviewing articles in the literature as a group or having student presentations.

Expected Preparations for the Seminar (first half):

Have your journal and written questions ready to present and discuss. Have the problem set ready to present and discuss, including the answer to "What did I learn from doing these problems?"

(second half, first seven weeks):

Read the chosen article and prepare a 10 minute presentation to lead off the discussion of it (or to add to the presenter's version). Presenter chosen at random by Atwater.

(second half, last three weeks):

Prepare and present a 45 minute lecture on a plate tectonic subject of your choice. Assign the group an article to read in advance. Provide xeroxed lecture notes and annotated bibliography when you speak.

No exams, no formal written papers.

Geology 157X, Plate Tectonic Discussion: (1 unit, concurrent or previous enrollment in Geo 157 required )

Attend all the graduate seminars and actively participate in the discussions (your chance to give those grad students a hard time!).

First evening seminar: Wed, April 1, 6-9 PM, Webb 1006C (dept. conf. room). Reading for the first seminar:

We will read about and discuss the plate tectonics of the northeast Pacific and Western North America. Geo 235 students: Choose one or the other of the following papers, read it, and prepare a 10 minute presentation summarizing the most salient points.

1. Intro article: T. Atwater, 1990, "Tectonics of the Northeast Pacific", Trans. Roy. Soc. Canada, Series I, Vol. I, p 296-318..

2. Latest stuff - going to press this week! T. Atwater and J. Stock, 1998, "Pacific-North America Plate Tectonics of the Neogene Southwestern United States - an Update",.manuscript.

Copies of these articles are available in the Lounge, Webb 10. Do not remove them from the building. If you wish to own your own copy, feel free to xerox it (at your own expense). I'll bring and put up relevant maps for us to point at.


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