Professor Art Sylvester serves as an easel while Professor Tanya Atwater explains Califonrnia's ancient subduction zone.


The Fall & Spring Field Trips (Geology 18 & 19):


One of the best ways to begin exploring geology and to get to know the department is to attend the fall or spring field trips. Atwater often joins or leads these trips along with one or two other professors. Trips consist of will lead you on a four to five day geologic tour through an area of California. Regular trips include the Imperial & Colorado Deserts, the Eastern Mojave Basin, Death Valley, Owens Valley, Saline Valley & Inyo & White Mountains, and Mono Lake, the Big Sur Coast, and Yosemite.
   Both beginning and advanced students go on the trips, which take place during the middle of fall and spring quarters. Students camp each day and cook for themselves in small groups. No background in geology is required, although students taking introductory courses are especially encouraged. If you wish, you may earn one unit of credit for the trip by signing up for Geology 18 (which may be repeated for credit up to four times) or 19 (for the spring trip to Yosemite only). You sign up for the course via RBT and you must attend the two required organizational meetings beforehand. Contact the department office at the beginning of fall and spring quarters for trip destination and details.


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